Duck, Grouse & Waterfowl Hunting

Duck hunting tips/techniques for hunting in Ontario, Canada is similar to most areas of North America. At Camp Narrows Lodge our duck hunts can be done easily by yourself or you can have our guides/ outfitters help you. Rainy Lake is a large lake with many shallow rice bays. Camp Narrows Lodge, is located right in the middle of some of the highest concentrations of wild rice in Northwest Ontario.

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Duck and Waterfowl Tips and Techniques

  • Goose season opens on Sept 1, and duck season opens on Sept 15th. The early season is mostly puddle ducks, which include Mallards, wood ducks, blue and green wing teal, with the occasional ringneck and blue bill.
  • We hunt the many beaver ponds or set up in the many wild rice bays. 1 -2 dozen decoys are all you need for the early season. Random placement in small groups works best. You should also have a couple of floater Canada geese decoys amongst the spread as well. Calling helps, so don’t forget them.
  • We are open until the end of October. The diver hunting is fast and furious. Blue bills, ring necks, buffle heads, golden eyes, hooded mergansers, gadwalls, red heads and the northern mallards are all around through the end of October. If the rice bays are frozen, the islands and points out in front are the best to set up on.

About Ontario Duck Hunting

Ontario has been a waterfowler’s hotspot in North America for more than a decade. Whether you hunt for duck or goose, from boat or shore, Ontario offers such a wide range of waterfowling experiences that a lifetime spent hunting is barely enough to sample it all.

Goose hunters will find an abundance of Canada and Brant geese searching for food across the tidal flats, or preparing for the long migration south along James Bay and Hudson Bay. In Southern Ontario, hunters mostly seek out two subspecies: the maximas, or resident Canada geese, who reach 15 lbs (6.8 kg), and the interiors, the migrant Canada geese, that weigh up to 12 lbs (5.4 kg).

Duck hunters will find goldeneye and pintail in the north. Heading south, take your pick of green-winged teal, ringneck, mallards and black duck. In the southernmost corridor, experience thriving populations of redheads, widgeon and canvasbacks, to name only a few. In either case, hunters can be assured that the harvesting limits for both duck and geese are generous.

Information for Hunters

Waterfowlers have many choices to make, whether seasoned veterans or those who prefer to hunt through a guide or outfitter. All waterfowlers should be aware of the following:

  • Waterfowl hunters require a federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (available at any post office) as well as an Ontario small game license.
  • Non-toxic shot is required for all waterfowl hunting in Canada.
  • Most field hunting for Canada geese in Southern Ontario occurs on private land; hunters require the permission of the landowner, or may want to look into trips through outfitters who have pre-granted access.

News and Updates from the Camp Narrows Blog

Hunting with Camp Narrows

Seasoned hunters and those new to the sport are all welcome to try a little (or a lot!) of fall hunting at Camp Narrows. We offer duck, grouse, black bear, and whitetail deer hunting opportunities. Fo

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Outdoors Cards & License Tags

Before visiting Camp Narrows, order or renew your hunting or fishing outdoors card, buy your Ontario fishing or hunting license tags, and (during annual application periods) enter big game draws.

Outdoors Card | Buy Licenses

Ontario Regulations

Strict laws regulate when, where, what and how a person can hunt or fish in Ontario. Visit the links below to know what rules apply on your waters and woods in every Ontario region. Read the summaries & regulations.

Hunting Regulations | Fishing Regulations | Ontario Laws

Explore Rainy Lake with Navionics

Our Navionics Web API allows Camp Narrows guests and Rainy Lake visitors to see the terrain and contours of Rainy Lake. Use our map as a navigational source.

Rainy Lake Navionics Map
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